Architect Assist plan walking and submissions

plan submission

Many architects have requested a checklist to help ascertain which documents are required for a submission.

Knowing which documents are needed will enable the client to sign all of the forms at one time. It also means that we have all the documentation on hand to keep proceeding through the various departments without delay.

We have drawn up two forms to help both you, the client, and us, the facilitator.

The new plan submission form is for our records. It gives us the basic details of the submission and who we should contact should any queries arise.

The submission checklist takes the architect through a thought process around the new plan being submitted and which forms may be triggered.

This checklist is made up of two parts.
The first part lists the documentation that is required before we can submit.

The second part lists forms that may be required.
We can collect a new submission before all non essential documents are ready, but having them on hand will help to expedite the approval process.

Once both forms have been completed and the compulsory documentation collated you are ready to contact us.

Click on the links below to download these forms

The new plan submission form
The submission checklist